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  • a little bit about us

    ABOUT BDP: Blynda DaCosta Photography is a contemporary lifestyle photography studio. We photograph out of passion and love for the photographic arts and out of the desire to capture people in an honest and authentic way. We strive to provide original, romantic and classic imagery with a contemporary and minimalist feel. We use our experience and artistry to evoke a sense of emotion, life and love from our work. Natural light is the most fundamental principle in what we do. We harness natural light to accomplish our artistic goals and to give you the most natural looking, loving and expressionate photos possible.

    ABOUT BLYNDA: I simply love to take photos. I do it because I love it and it makes me smile....over and over. I am inspired by the world of incredible art, fashion photography and interior style and design. I use natural light, because it is simply the prettiest kind. It helps to bring out our real selves and is truly the most flattering type of light. I love God and my husband, our dog Duddly, a warm cup of tea, pinterest, all the windows in the house open on a nice breezy day, antique shopping, a pretty chandelier, music, wedding/style/interiors/graphic design blogs, reading + sitting around a table of food with my girlfriends, having those long conversations where your belly hurts from laughing by the end!

A new look…

WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! Please find us at

You may be wondering why we haven’t posted in awhile! Well – we are GETTING A NEW LOOK! New logo, website, packaging – everything! Rather than focusing our time on updating this blog and site, we are spending it making a BRAND NEW gorgeous site with lots on NEW WORK from the past year and beyond, along with making our clients incredibly happy with their images of course. We are SO EXCITED to show you the end result – here is a sneak peek!

new look coming post


Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to describe how thankful and grateful I feel this year in particular. We have a warm and happy home, a beautiful little girl, a fantastic snugglebum of a dog, food on the table and family who loves us. What more can you ask for?!

Normally at this time of year, I enjoy creating and sending out cute little holiday cards to all of my clients and friends. I absolutely love to send and receive snail mail (call me nostalgic)! This year, though I decided that instead, I would use my holiday budget to buy some gifts for other people who need it much more than we do. We have a special little place in our hearts for Wold Vision and have sponsored a child for some years now. This year, we purchased fruit trees, seeds, tools and water filters through

Happy Holidays everyone!


Sarann + Sambat married – sneak peek

Sarann and Sambat were married on a rainy day in November. You wouldn’t have known it though as they were absolutely amazing throughout the day and never worried once about the weather. Karma gave them a break for being so cool and just as we were taking our photos at Kortright Centre, the rain stopped just long enough to get our photos done. Fantastic! More to come….


René + Nick engaged – sneak peek.

When I first met René and Nick, I knew that we were meant for each other…ahem…I mean they were meant for each other..haha! All kidding aside, these 2 live inside my head I think. They just knew how to move and relate to one another to get the most romantic, snuggly photos! More to come…